Model Train Room Ideas

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Model Train Room Ideas
What to do other than computer when your 12?

Im 12 and I do sport and thing’s but I am addicted to the computer,
I play alot of world of warcraft and other games, But I am getting sick
of doing it I want to do more things outside when i talk to my dad he
had a ping pong table and model train set’s but we have no room for that and
not enough money (because its all so expensive now) Please contribute with some
ideas. (Btw im not fat i do do sports and im fit)

It’s funny because I am a bit like you, except I don’t play WOW- I just tend to surf the web and ask questions or answer them on this diblidoo.

But I had (or maybe still do have) the same problem as you. Though I am 17 so I got a lot of school work to juggle with. What I am doing to stop my addiction of the computer is attempting to do things I always wanted to do but was too lazy to push myself to achieve it.

I am too very sporty and I love playing squash, but I only played for fun when I find myself in a situation where i can play easily. However, I was too lazy to actually make it a regular thing. So, what I am doing now is that I have joined a squash team and I am playing at tournaments. Perhaps you can do the same or similar!

Also, I used to play the piano when I was little but stopped- again i was too lazy to continue. But now i regret stopping so recently I have started up piano lessons again. So maybe you can learn or re-learn a musical instrument.

Another good thing to do to distract yourself from the computer is to learn a language. I am learning Japanese at the moment because I love the language and the culture and it has always been something I wanted to do. So last year I found myself a teacher (actually my mother’s friend XD lucky me. We still pay though, so not so lucky then lol).

Or, try doing more stuff with your friends. Force them to go and watch a movie or something. Well, don’t force force them but bring up the idea more frequently. Or suggest to play a game or go somewhere to eat. If you are too shy to go by yourself, then find a group so you have more people to talk to if your afraid that the conversation will die quickly.

So yeah, I hope this helps. It has helped me and good luck! がんばって!

Model Train Room Ideas

Im looking for a good kayak within $300 any ideas?

I want a kayak that i can mess around with like rolling and stuff but something i could just float down rivers and maybe fish a little out of. I have no idea where to start. The material, size, brand, i don’t know much im just trying to get started. Thanks for the help.

That’s like saying you want a good sports car your can also use as an SUV, for within $3000. Not very realistic but I’ll see what I can do to help you out.

The only way to get a good kayak for under $300 is if you know what you are looking for and find one used on Craigslist. The cheapie kayaks sold new at sports discount stores for $300 or less are what we call “bathtub boats”. They are “recreational” style which means they are short, wide, flat bottomed and flimsy and don’t have the necessary design and option for performance and for rolling. They are not much more than pool toys and would not work for what you are talking about. Yeah, you could float (slowly) downstream in one and maybe fish out of it, but never in a million years could you roll it.

To roll a kayak it needs to be either a whitewater kayak or a touring kayak (also called a sea kayak.) Both types will have a small keyhole cockpit with a coaming (lip) that can take a sprayskirt (necessary to keep water from flooding the boat when you roll), will be narrow enough to roll (25″ or less) and have bulkheads or flotation bags to keep the bow and stern hull sections from swamping and sinking you. No cheapie new kayak will have those features.

If I knew your height and weight I could give you more paramaters. For that tiny budget you will have to be darned lucky to find something used that would work for you. White water boats are fairly common used but tend to be expensive. They would be good for rolling but not so great for river floats since they are made to turn on a dime and are nearly impossible to paddle straight ahead with. They also s*ck for fishing since they have zero room to stash gear.

Your best bet would be to find an old rotomold plastic touring kayak. Again, I can’t tell you exact models (there are dozens, if not hundreds of models) without jknowing your size. Fit is critical in kayaks, especially if you are going to roll. One brand that comes up used fairly often is Aquaterra. This was a brand that was made for a while by Perception (still a major maker) back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I’ve picked up two of the Aquaterras over the past couple of years, one (a Scimitar model) for $325 and another (very beat-up and warped Chinook model) for $100. They also had another model called the Sea Lion. All are about 17′ long and behave well in the water. You could learn to roll one and they track well and have hatches for storage. Some of the older Chinooks don’t have the sealed bulkheads (walls beyond your feet in front and behind your seat in back) so you DON’T want one of those.

Other older models that turn up cheap sometimes are the Dagger Magellan and Perception Carolina.

If you want to add to your post telling me your height and weight and what your nearest city is, I can check the kayak for sale listings in your local Craigslist and send you links to ones you might want to check out. Even if you don’t buy one of them, at least it will give you an idea of what to look for.

Bear in mind you will also have to buy a PFD (life vest), required in every state, plus a paddle and safety gear like a bilge pump, spray skirt and running light for after dark. Just that can add up to $300.

If you just want to practice rolling, you can often find old Olympic style slalom fiberglass kayaks for sale used for a couple hundred bucks. These are 12′ long and narrow and pointy ended. You have to get flotation bags and sprayskirts for them but some people sell those with them. They are great for rolling and mild whitewater rapids up to Class III (if you have training and experience for that) but they are pigs for trying to float downriver in flatter water and they have no storage for fishing gear. A similar plastic boat that often comes up for sale cheap is the old Perception Dancer white water kayaks. Again, good for rolling, not so good for straight paddling or fishing.

A great resource for learning about kayaks (and to find user recommendations on boat brands you might find for sale used) is the free kayak and canoe forum site You can sign up (it is free) and post under “community” Message Boards to ask more questions. Lots of reference info on there too.

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